Its Hulking Incredible

Its the Incredible Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk

Yes the man that you really shouldn’t try and annoy is coming to Marvel Universe Miniature Games very soon.

So what will he bring to the game? Well for a start he is the only size four model you can place on the table at the moment with most humans being size 2 and at level 17 he is twice the cost of anyone else.

So obviously he is a good guy and can only play for the avengers, he isn’t overly fast but with a strength of 6 he is going to smash something, hopefully this will drop in my FLGS on payday so I can treat myself ‘if’ I manage to get a bit more painting done.

How will your opponent shriek when you drop this on the table, well after swearing at you for leaving a dent in the table he probably wont worry to much to begin with as at full health the Hulk suffers from -2 power but as he takes damage he gets upto +1 power and +1 attack whichis really going to put the hurt on someone late game, or early game if they have focused on the Hulk. Defensively he seems pretty average, but I will see when I get him out on the table.


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