Sunday Colour #9

Base coating is pretty blooming boring right?  Especially if you do it the way I do.  I prime my figures and then paint the main areas in the shade tone I intend to leave in the recesses.  This is normally a two coats process.  I then paint the main body colour everywhere that isn’t a recess this can be a two or more coat process.  It takes a while these guys took a very long while…20160730_192424[1]

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Normandy Firefight First Play review.

There is a lot of WW2 games out there, these cover almost any type of action you can think of. Large scale games, to games with only a squad or so of figures, you name it and there is a rules set for it. Normandy Firefight looks at the smaller scale of this when it comes to the amount of figures you need, the rules are wrote for the larger scale of 54mm but not exclusively.


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Mantic Games: Part One

Here is going to be the first of a regular series on Mantic Games, for some reason I think the first few maybe slightly Dreadball orientated.

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is the 2-player hyperkinetic sci-fi sports game of unparalleled speed and ferocity, a fast and tactical miniature sports board game

that is both quick and easy to learn but with quite a few teams can even leave a hardcore collector needing more, and with the option of 6 teams on the pitch (Ultimate) and exploding unlicensed obstacles (DBX) there is something for all occasions!.

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