Sensible Shoes 2

Earlier this year, Oathsworn started a new range of female adventurer miniatures for use in roleplaying and tabletop gaming, or simply for painters and collectors. We decided to sculpt some no-nonsense, sensibly dressed and equipped female adventurers; providing an alternative to all the chainmail bikinis and boob-plate that is so common these days.

(Last 2 Heroines not shown)

Now they want to expand the range, with new heroines; and they’re also going to introduce some male NPC miniatures, and an Owlbear… basically because they need them for thier next D&D campaign! 🙂

Our £3500 goal will pay for the moulding and casting of 16 new models. But Oathsworn haven’t quite finished them all yet; there’s 5 still to be done – so they will be sculpted during the project.

The miniatures will be cast in fine pewter, and you can see pictures of the master sculpts on the kickstarter.

The Pledges

During the kickstarter you can pledge for the Owlbear, a set of three miniatures of your choice, the 6 NPCs (Necromancer, Knight, a pair of Brigands, noblewoman, and one other that we haven’t decided on yet…), the 9 Heroines (Druid, Rogue, Paladin, Ranger, Monk,Gnome wizard, Half-orc Cleric and Tiefling warlock, plus one other that we haven’t decided on yet… ), or you can go All-In and get one of everything.


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