Beggars King: Part One

So here at the painting tower I am trying desperately to hack away at a pile of Relics models by Tor Gaming.


And this is just some off them.

If you haven’t seen the game Relics yet, it is well worth a look a reasonably simple set of mechanics drive the game forward in a reasonable pace, the games are quite small and don’t require a remortgage to get a fair sized force together which is always a plus point.


The above is a work in progress Sol, I suppose the only way of describing it would be a slightly demented evil fairy. The studio versions of the Vaetir are what drew me to this faction and they are lovely looking models, although they can be a bit fiddly to assemble and pinning is recommended (a process I have yet to master), or ensure you have a supply of repair glue, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting this model ready for the painting challenge on the Tor Games Facebook fan page.

What makes this game different, is that there isn’t a target number for the ‘to hit’ roll, all you need to do is roll a double,and that’s a hit. You can increase your chances of getting a double by ganging up on your opponents model but there are limits in place.

So at the moment I have about 403 points worth of Orcnar forces, which are a bit of a ‘hitty’ team, slightly handicapped by a very low command range (models within command range can be used as you wish outside of the command range there are some limitations), to counter this I intend to get some more command models, and possibly some units that don’t require the command radius.


Now while I don’t have Marks analytical ability for devising crazy plans, Relics lends itself to a more balanced play style rather than the uber stompy power lists of other games, so for a commander I have a Niwian who has a four inch command radius so nearly all my units are going to be centered around her, quea looking longingly at a Beorn model.


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