Weekend Hobbying 16/17 July 2016

So its the weekend and there is a lot that goes on, games, tournaments, building, painting and buying, without conveniently forgetting shows as well. So what are you upto this weekend. According to facebook Spartan have a Vanguard called Dan currently sat at Attack with Halo Ground Command.

I am sure he wont get mugged for the awesome game that Halo: Ground Command promises to be.

Me personally I am off to work in a bit I have just been trying to get a few new things sorted on the site to make it even easier to find as well as working on my first article for my series Beggar King, if you want to know what that’s about I suggest you follow the blog to see! But tomorrow I intend to get some Tanks sorted for the forthcoming OPS series of games at my local FLGS I know have (or will have when built), two fairly solid 100 point lists which I cant wait to try out next week sometime.

As well as that I will be hunting high and low for my camera so I can do a video unboxing of Ninja All-Stars, and hopefully getting a workshop sorted as well, that is if Mrs tabletop Games UK doesn’t fill it with random stuff before I get chance to claim some off it first.

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