Dreadball V2 the first stretch Goal Falls

Mantics Dreadball has broken its first goal and 4 new miniatures have been added to a pledge of Striker ($100 and Early Bird)!

Next up:

Stretch Goal: $120,000 – Romeo Blue, Kickstarter Exclusive Draconis All-Stars Team Captain

The All-Stars are Dreadball playing machines. Literally. Their AI allows for creativity within specific parameters, but the ‘bot designated Romeo Blue has shown certain deviations from its programming. Blue has been breaking his coding when it sees opportunities to score, and has even developed its own victory move. Coach Mitrenko does not know whether to be pleased or concerned.

If we hit this stretch goal we will sculpt and produce Romeo Blue, a Team Captain upgrade for the Draconis All-Stars team, in a Kickstarter Exclusive pose and include it in Striker ($100 and Early Bird).

Team Captains are an exciting new addition to the game and represent an opportunity to upgrade a player to one with better stats or extra abilities!

And then:

Stretch Goal: $130,000 – 3D Sculpted Plastic Counters

If this stretch goal is hit Mantic will upgrade the card counters in the DreadBall core game (included in the Striker $100 and Early Bird pledge levels) to 3D plastic counters. You will get 5 Home Action Counters, 5 Visitor Action Counters and 1 Special Event Counter.

In addition, they’ll do something a bit special with the Score and Rush trackers… by upgrading them to full models!

The Embers

The Embers are the burned remains of the Iskali Ravens’ kit after they lost the first Challenge cup by a huge margin…. And possibly their coach, too.

Replacing the Score Tracker is ‘The Embers’ – a characterful and fun DreadBall Trophy!

The Eye in the Sky

The Eye in the Sky is a RefBot that see’s everything – and now it has been realized as a fully 3D miniature. Oozing character, this fun addition replaces your Rush Track Counter.

New Add-on: Plastic Counter Set

You can add-on additional sets of plastic counters if you want them by increasing your pledge value by $10.




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