New Dreadball Add Ons

There were a few add-ons that were requested in addition to the ones already on the front page and, rather than wait until a set day next week to put them up, Mantic thought why wait?

Here we go!

Ultima 1 Bowl – Deluxe DreadBall Ultimate Pitch – $30

A hardwearing neoprene DreadBall Ultimate pitch featuring the new 2nd Edition design, this crease and tear resistant mat rolls/folds up for easy storage.

Don’t forget that you can also get the Gruba-Tek VII Coliseum deluxe pitch to upgrade your standard pitch too.

DreadBall Roster Pads – $4

Roster Pads are used to keep track of your team’s composition, stats and also player progression in league play.

The 2nd Edition one will be redesigned and will accommodate any changes from the rules (such as the addition of an Agility stat if playtesting suggests that’s the way to go – see the rules sneak peak for more details)

Finally, it’s time for the Rumble in the Jungle.

Return to Azure Forest

On the edge of the GCPS, DreadBall can be a little different than in the high-tech Core. The open-air arenas of Azure IX, situated amid the moon’s massive rainforests, bring a whole host of new challenges even to veteran players. They’ll have to deal with changing weather, local lifeforms and some very excitable fans if they’re going to make it in the Azure Forest League!

Azure Forest 2nd Edition – $35

The original Galactic Tour Series: Azure Forest was an expansion to original DreadBall that included rules for playing in the jungles of the Yndij home planets. With the Yndij Team in DreadBall 2, it seemed like the perfect time to revisit the Azure forests.

Now, it’s being updated with revised 2nd edition rules, cards and a brand new deluxe Azure Forest pitch! In this pack, there are rules for weather effects as well as new event cards to alter your DreadBall deck and bring new elements into play.

The new Deluxe Azure Forest pitch is made of hardwearing neoprene, featuring art in the style of the original Azure Forest pitch (see below), blended with the design changes made to the standard pitch in the core game. That means the shape of the subs bench and sin bin change, and location zones for cards, counters and dice are added. It’ll also feature larger 28mm hexes to accommodate the dynamic poses of the figures.

The original 1st Edition Azure Forest pitch – the new deluxe pitch will be made of neoprene, will have larger hexes and location zones for cards and counters.
The original 1st Edition Azure Forest pitch – the new deluxe pitch will be made of neoprene, will have larger hexes and location zones for cards and counters.

The set is now available as an add-on for $35 and includes the Deluxe Azure Forest Pitch, Rulebook, Cards and a metal Azure Forest trophy.

Take a walk on the wild side – it’s available to add on now.


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