Warmachine An Undead Journey Part One

So my Undead journey is beginning with the new Cryx Battlebox which has everything inside that you need to play.


This set has rules, background and hints on where to go next, all in the written materials in the box are great fun to read through and although the whole force composition is still a little hazy for me, its definitely starting to make a bit more sense after just one read through.

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Sunday Colour #13

New Anvil Industry ToysHello again!  I’ve been quite a busy boy this week but mainly with assembling new toys.  I used to really enjoy that part of the hobby, particularly when I’ve been kit-bashing or converting figures but recently I’ve been making figures ‘as designed’ to show them off in this column.  I don’t mind that one bit but it does take a little of the fun out.  As a result I’ve come to enjoy being creative with paint a lot more.

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Sunday Colour #12

Hello again.  Just lil’ ol’ me chatting about painting again.  This week I started out wanting to get my Gremlins done for the TTGUK Paints challenge but got distracted by attempting to finish my Republic starter set for Afterlife.  Basically I finished neither job but made a significant amount of progress on the Mirakuru Crew and a little on the Gremlins.

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TTGUK Paint: Update One

So we have had two weeks into the painting challenge of completing a starting warband for Arcworlde and its time to see how the guys have been getting on.

Darren has had a bad case of eating dodgy Chinese and is now battling the throes of man flu, but in an unprecedented and never before seen phenomenon he is rolling 6s to beat it back.

Mark has (as always) been hard at work completing things and getting the job done.  Using the power of compressed air, Japanese technology and Vallejo game air paint he’s achieved a lovely smooth base coat with subtle shading for the Gremlin skin.  He’s plenty pleased with himself and is going to get the final highlighting and facial features completed tonight because he enjoys being a smart Alec…


Well okay, to be honest, I haven’t done a lot beyond sticking all the minis together and putting them in bases.  My excuse is that I’ve been on holiday (Camping) so its been a little hard to actually paint.

I have though managed to finish the Sgt, I did him as a test piece to see how the colour scheme would work.  So I have done something 🙂

Pretty pleased with how it looks, I’ve never liked painting red but it’s come out okay.  Just another 11 miniatures to go.



I’m away next week so I thought I’d get as far ahead as I can. I wanted my guys to be colourful but still have some order. So I decided to paint all the archers green, all the pikemen blue and all the swordsmen red. With the wife at work one Saturday, I thought now is a good time to get started and by lunch time had finished the archers.


And painted an old bridge tIat i had knocking about as well. I’m going to take the rest away with my on holiday and hope to get a bit more done while I’m away. Fingers crossed 😉


Project Z Review 2 of 3 Figure assemble and paint!

Those who can cast their minds back to the first Project Z review will remember that I was looking forward to getting stuck into getting these figures put together and getting a game of this done. This section will only look at the assembly of the figures and how they look when painted, so let’s go.



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Learning Curve no.13

20160626_195119[1]Ooooh unlucky for some!  Hope not.  This week I’m going to be looking ahead slightly to try and figure out what to invest my time and money into over the next few months.  I always struggle a bit with making the right choices when buying into games, often buying and then selling figures and rule books in quite a short space of time.  This time I’m going to try and do it right.

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