WarmaHordes Delayed

Yesterday was supposed to be the first part of my adventures through Warmahordes but the postal service being what it is, this has been delayed a little bit.


But thats the bad news, the good news is I have seen some new two player box sets.

So here it is then the new releases. A new 2 player set for Warmachine, which features the Cryxx and the Cygnar which looks great.


Prime Digest Rulebook, Basic Training Tutorial Guide, Battle Map, 4 dice, 18″ ruler, 20 focus tokens, 6 spell tokens, and 28 plastic WARMACHINE models with corresponding color stat cards.


  • Cryx Introductory Guide
  • Warcaster Bane Witch Agathia
  • Slayer Heavy Warjack
  • Reaper Heavy Warjack
  • Deathripper light warjack
  • Bane Warrior Unit (10 models)


  • Cygnar Introductory Guide
  • Warcaster Major Beth Maddox
  • Lancer Light Warjack
  • Firefly Light Warjack
  • Stormguard Unit (10 models)


Not only that but there is also a Hordes starter set to start off with as well.

The Hordes Two-Player Battlebox provides two full battlegroups and two full units, along with a Hordes: Primal Digest Rulebook, a Battle Map, a Basic Training Tutorial Guide, a 18” Ruler, 4 Dice, 30 Fury tokens, 6 Spell Tokens and 12 Color stat cards



  • Skorne Introductory Guide
  • Praetorian Swordsmen unit
  • Beast Master Xekaar
  • Cyclops Raider light warbeast
  • Cyclops Savage light warbeast
  • Titan Gladiator heavy warbeast



  • Trollbloods Introductory Guide
  • Ragnor Skysplitter, the Runemaster
  • Troll Axer light warbeast
  • Troll Bouncer light warbeast
  • Troll Impaler light warbeast
  • Trollkin Fennblade unit

All this comes 2 weeks after another raft of new releases and resculpts. Including (and I am very much wanting to get my hands on these to go with the new 2 player set) The Black 13th Strike Force resculpts as these look amazing.


Hopefully next time round I will have more reviews and work in progress than just a host of new releases.



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