Building my Crown: Part Two

So here is the second installment of Building my crown in Part One I spoke about the starting point which is basically the two player box set, now with Gen Con we have been treated to a few new releases and a new rulebook. This should see an exciting time for Wrath of Kings players. So what have I been up to?


Well unfortunately not a great deal on the painting front at the moment as I have been way to busy drooling over the new stuff coming out and trying to get hold of an early copy of the rules and of course my plan for world domination with the Shael Han has been put on hold, due to a dodgey chinese and a crippling bout of ‘Man-Flu’. How ever whilst I was on deaths door, still edging around it at the moment.


I didn’t see a great deal of new releases for my planned beloved Shael Han, but Dark Ages is going to get quite a bit of new stuff rriving soon,

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