Learning Curve Act 15

This week we head back into Infinity The Game but this time I decided to go full throttle.  Having played some smaller ‘starter’ only games I figured I had a decent grasp on the core mechanics so built a 300 point list to take on the mighty Ryan.

Infinity Battle Report (6)My List of Qapu Khalqi was as follows;

Group 1;
Hafza (Forward Observer)
Hafza (Spitfire)
Odalisque (Spitfire)
Djanbazan (Doctor Plus)
Azra’Il (Feuerbach)
Alguacil (Lt)
Infinity Battle Report (7)Mobile Brigada (Multi-rifle)
Djanbazan (Sniper Rifle)
Group 2;
Yuan Yuan (AP CCW)
Yuan Yuan (AP CCW)
Hawwa (Hacker)

In hind sight I think I should switch the Sniper and the Hawwa between groups to allow the Hawwa more orders.  There was a lot of pressure on him and with only limited orders available the job was very difficult.  I also think another hacker would be a benefit  but other than that it was pretty good, I just need a bit of practice.

Ryan’s Combined Army looked like this

Avatar (Lt)
Noctifier (Missile Launcher)
Seed Soldier
Seed Soldier
Rasyat (Eclipse Grenades)
Zerat (Hacker)

Infinity Battle Report (9)Deployment went to me so I decided (in error I now believe) to anchor my right flank and protect my HVT with the Azra’Il and the Spitfire wielding Hafza whilst the Mobile Brigada would form a hammer on the left.  His speed and reasonable toughness seemed like a good bet.  The Hawwa hid in a position ready to strike towards Ryan’s HVT and then the building beyond it to try and claim both my classified objectives.  Ryan deployed in quite a central manner, his force being much smaller this was probably sensible.  His Zerat deployed within reach of the HVT so I knew I had to get to her quickly.

Infinity Battle Report (4)Turn one and Ryan uses a Command counter to knock down my main group to 7 orders from nine.  I hold back one Yuan Yuan but realise that Ryan’s seed soldiers are both unprotected and facing forwards.  My bold and reckless deployment succeeds but in a slight error I placed him within their zone of control so they both turn to face.  I spend the regular order available to him to rush forwards and chain rifle them, after all his improved (+4) armour should keep him safe.  The seed soldiers elect to shoot back and in a hail of shrapnel and bullets all participants – survive but run away…  So that went fairly well but could have been better.  The Odalisque begins her rush on the Zerat with support from the Doctor, she trades bullets with the Malignos as she crosses the road and thanks to No Wound Incapacitation comes out on top.   The Djanbazan sniper moves up to cover the board better but draws the attention of the Noctifier.  In a tight shootout the Missile Launcher wielding stealth machine wins killing the sniper outright.  Out of spite mainly the Azra’Il moves forwards and minces the Morat on the roof opposite.

Infinity Battle Report (3)Ryan’s automedikit fails to revive the Malignos and his Zerat hacks the HVT once after a failed attempt.  The Avatar stalks across the back of the board to put down the Yuan Yuan before he sows much more discord and having made a meal of it eventually subdues the fiery little bugger.  All told the first turn seemed to have gone my way.

My second turn, buoyed up by the performance of the first Yuan Yuan, I attempt to deploy the second in the gap between the Seed Soldiers and the Zerat but unfortunately she scattered directly into the path of the Avatar.  Somehow she doesn’t get blown up and I figure it’s best to leave her as a potential threat so she’s abandoned to her fate.  The Hawwa reveals himself dashing towards the objective only to have his hacking device hacked by the Zerat.  This is most unfortunate as he’s the only figure capable of completing my objectives.  The Odalisque attempts to subdue the Zerat and avoiding the incoming missile almost makes it to combat but instead is shot in the face at close range.  In hindsight this was another big mistake, I’m pretty sure I could have used her Nanopulser to deal with the Hacker without risking her safety.  The Mobile Brigada and the Azra’Il both move up, the Brigada winning a firefight against a seed soldier whilst he Azra’Il drew a missile that fortunately only caused one wound.  This was my penultimate error.  I should have spent more time attempting to silence the Noctifier with the Brigada, especially since he had a big advantage up close.

Infinity Battle Report (10)Ryan’s second turn saw the arrival of the Rasyat right on target behind my Djanbazan Doctor.  I think that my underused jamminess shone for a moment here as the Rasyat blasted away at thin air before losing a firefight to the amazing underslung light shotgun which at 7″ away is devastatingly accurate.  The Zerat completed her objective by hacking the HVT a second time and the Avatar stomped my other Yuan Yuan into dust.  Ryan’s board presence is looking pretty thin at this point.  Just a Seed Soldier, Zerat, Avatar and Noctifier remaining whilst my own is not too shabby.  Over confidence sets in…

Infinity Battle Report (5)My third turn begins with a combined order to dash across in front of the Noctifier.  This was my last mistake since the death of the Azra’Il was a blow to my points total.  The Hafza with spitfire did make it though and went on to murder the Zerat and final Seed Soldier (though it took a lot of orders).  The Avatar snuck a shot between cover to blast my Djanbazan as well so I guess that could be a little gaff on my part.   I think my final turn should have been to focus in on the Noctifier and then if orders allowed go after the Zerat but these things are part of the curve right?  Ryan’s final turn was one of sepesitoring my Hafza with his two orders because why not, he’d won already and didn’t need to do much more.

The points totals were actually pretty tight, I was 3 points from gaining a 3rd victory point and had my Hafza not succumbed to the Avatar’s mind control would have knocked one off Ryan’s score.  But “what ifs” don’t win games, victory points do and the victor was Ryan with 5 vps to my 2.  All in all a great little game that wasn’t marred by our mistakes but did teach us both some things about the tactics of the game.  I in particular need to learn the effective ranges of weapons better so that I can deploy appropriately.   I should also plan my turns in order to make best use of my orders.  Three turns isn’t long if you make a few errors so making the most of every activation is something I need to practice at over the coming months.

Next week I’m talking Gates of Antares because I grabbed a bargain copy so that’s a big book to read in the mean time!  Until then happy gaming! -Mark

Many thanks as always to Tiny Wargames for the fabric mat (it’s brilliant because it fits in the ‘rules etc’ bag), my opponent Ryan and SADWC for just being a great space to play games.


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