The Anvil Sci-Fi Challenge

SciFiPainting (2)That’s right this September Tabletop Games UK are teaming up with Anvil Industry to bring you an out of this world competition…

So what is the competition, well there are three things you need to do.

1 Head over to Tabletop Games UK on facebook and like our page.

2 Head over to Anvil Industry on facebook and like their page.

3 Paint something Sci-fi, the more the merrier and post them on the competition post, you will need two photos a before which you should get up as soon as possible and an after shot.  The figures can be from any manufacturer but must be science fictioney.

4 The photos of painted miniatures must be received by 30th September by replying to the stickied post on Tabletop Games UK Facebook page.  A maximum of three photos per ‘finished’ entry please!

The winner will be selected by our panel of judges (to be confirmed soon) and the skilled participants that come first, second and third will win vouchers for use at Anvils online store!  First place will take £40, second £25 and third £15!


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