Sunday Colour #14

boring greyHello from the paint station again.  This week I have been endlessly painting grey.  Boring is not exactly the word.  I find that this is the biggest pitfall with large batch painting.  It’s so easy to grow bored of the situation and give up on the project so how does one maintain motivation even in the face of mono-chrome edge-highlighting?

20160702_173230[1]I find it very difficult to keep going to be honest.  Things that help though are having a good series to watch on Netflix.  Something that’s not too funny or visual though, like if I tried to watch Archer I’d never get the paint in the right place and watching Daredevil basically ends up with me well watching Daredevil.  Gotham has been pretty good to be honest, it’s pretty dark and not overly cheerful but the story arc is just interesting enough that I want to find out what’s going on next so I go to the paint desk to find out and paint as a by-product of that interest.

Having a game using the figures is pretty helpful too I find.  My dislike for fielding unpainted figures is so intense that I’d rather paint until my hands seize up for evening after evening in order to get them done.  Sometimes I’ll deliberately schedule a game that will require my unpainted figures just to give me the motivation to get the little buggers at least started.

Arcworlde GremlinsThe other thing is doing this column.  Trying to get to the point where I can put some decent pics up is one of my prime motivations these days.  Unfortunately it’s not always possible to do that, mainly on weeks where I’m assembling models rather than painting them.  Other times, like this week, I’ve been doing donkey work and so I’m a long way from getting a well lit photo taken.

My tip on motivation is to find something that you enjoy doing at the same time.  You-tube, some kind of streaming service or podcasts seem like good bets.  If you have any tips for me though let me know!  Next week I’m hoping to have made significant progress on a couple of projects so until then happy painting – Mark!


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