TTGUK Paint : Update 2

Arceworlde Gremlins 3‘Northern Voice’ It’s day 28 in the Table Top Games House and the atmosphere is tense…
Yep four weeks have gone by already and this sticky heat isn’t helping anybody’s motivation to get this job finished.  Very good progress on some painting desks though!

Mark here!  I’m actually finished astonishingly.  My little Gremlins went together nicely.  Since they’re basically tiny naked green dudes they’re pretty straight forward especially with the Airbrush on the go.  I’m really pleased with how they turned out (honestly they look great so I’m totally winning) and I’m looking forward to giving the game a go or two and might even use these as my warband for Open Combat…

I guess it’s time for the slowest painter to step up and be humiliated. Making some progress, maybe a few notches down from steady, all I need is one massive burst and will probably be able to get them finished in super quick time.

My problem other than depth perception is that I am a slow painter, I am more into the building and playing aspects of the hobby and painting is definitely my weak spot.



Well I was able to take my figures on holiday with me, so was able to get some more paint on them. I’m hoping to have them done by the end of the week but might redo some of the colours as i’m unhappy how they look. The contrast red I used hasn’t really shown up how I want. So i’m thinking of using white to bring a light contrast to the red and also I love the foundry white as it goes on nice.


My only other worry is my captain and his colours, so I’ve gone for a yellow and sky blue. lets hope he looks OK when done.



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