Rumble in the Dungeon Review

Each year I’m lucky to be able to holiday with my wife’s family at their house in France, This means that over the last 15 years I have a good handle on where the gaming stores are in the local area. The one that is the best I’ve found is Excalibur in Poitiers, so the wife and myself will spend a day shopping and I will get the chance to add to my gaming collection.

The trick is to get games that have English rules and counters. Games that have cards in them, will of course be in french, while this isn’t a bad thing it could slow the learning process down a bit. So we stick to games that are English as well. This year’s choice was Rumble in the Dungeon by Flat Lined Games.


This game is very simple and loved by all my family, in the box you get twelve double-sided dungeon tiles, from these you create a dungeon which is set up how you like, we try and keep the exit and treasure room as far apart as possible. The box has twelve card characters with stands, you place one of these in each room. It doesn’t matter who goes where as next, each player will receive two counters, each counter will have the picture of one of the characters in the dungeon. These are your characters for this game and must be kept secret. Lastly, set the treasure chest in the treasure room and we are good to go!



Decide who will go first by whatever means you see fit, this person has two options, they can move any character into the next room, or if there are two characters already in a room, they can make them fight and remove one character of their choice. The object of the game is to have one for your characters as the last one in the dungeon by removing who you think your opponents characters are. Points are scored by ranking characters by when they come out of the dungeon and your best result stands each round. Three rounds are played and the winner is the one with the highest score at the end.

This really is a good game, the artwork on the card’s and tiles is superb, its very easy to pick up and you can max it out with up to 6 players, or join it with rumble in the house and go for 12 players. The bluffing aspect of the games is the best part but only if you can keep a straight face. The simple rules, bluffing aspect and fast pace play makes this game a winner.

A really great party game, 7 out of 10.






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