Rise of the Bushido Pirates

Ok so this week I managed to get hold of the Jung Pirates starter set as well as another but we will come back to that other one.

The starter set is so new that so far my flgs has only managed to get one in and that went straight out the door.

Here we go with another gaming system, but what a system, despite being reasonably popular I am surprised judging by the models that it’s not more so. In the starter you get 5 models, which I may or may not have already added to, and is great value. If you follow Tabletop GAMES UK over on twitter you already know what I think of the models assembly, it is in a word easy! They are multi-part metal models for the most parts and they just fall together just so! Maybe because they are a new faction and the molds haven’t been given quite as much off a kicking as the rest of them, I don’t know, I probably should organise a field trip to go and have a look at miniature production somewhere.


So back to the Jung, the five models come to 35 Rice exactly which always seems to be the average game I have seen played so far, so its pretty much a faction out of the box. On the first skim through the rules I found myself a bit confused but I have worked out enough to realise how most of the stat cards work. Its just a shame I have yet to get some paint laid down on the models as they look like they will be a real pleasure to work with as the poses are great.


So now I have my 35 rice clan and maybe an unspecified back up, which incidentally was not the one I meant to pick up. Its time for round three with the rule book with the aim of nailing down these Ki Feats, it all seems simple enough but as I will be playing on video within the next few weeks Id rather have half an idea about what I am talking about.

This is after just a few hours painting.

You can get yours and look at the other factions here.

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