Sunday Colour #15

antares-tron-style-concord-2Oh man!  I have been on fire this week!  Figuratively at least.  Within the last week I have assembled, primed and fully painted a starter army (1000 points) of Concord for Beyond the Gates of Antares.  Total painting time?  7 hours (that’s mad fast for me at least) so how did I do it…

Well I decided that these figures were for gaming and so I didn’t want to lavish hours of attention on them.  That’s for two reasons; firstly these plastics are quite basic and not very exciting to me and secondly there’s loads of them, well there are more than 15 of them so that’s a lot for me.

antares-tron-style-concord-1Black primer to start (I actually ran out half way and used a different can so some of them are slightly glossier than others).  I went for black because I wanted to try something new for me and whilst I haven’t done a particularly great job on any one figure I think the army as a whole look pretty cool.

antares-tron-style-concord-3I highlighted all the figures with a swift dry-brushing of very light grey before painting the areas that I wanted to appear ‘lit’ with ultramarine blue in a very decisive and frankly slightly messy manner.  Once all that blue was finished I went back over it slightly neater and within (mostly) the darker blue with Lothern Blue and finally within that with a light layer of arctic white.  Just to finish them off I painted a very quick line of white around and then across their visors.  Partially just to differentiate that detail from the rest of the helmet.

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Given the amount of time versus the amount of figures and the overall effect I’d have to say these are actually pretty cool.  They’re table ready for next weeks game anyway so keep an eye on Learning Curve for a battle report!  Until then keep painting -Mark!


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