Blood Bowl Box Art.

Pictures have hit the internet showing the front and back of Games Workshop’s upcoming redo of Bloodbowl. The artwork shows the two teams that you get in the box, with Blitzer’s from both teams battling to catch a loose pass.


Looking a little closer, it does look like the goblin has just dumped off to the human!

But it’s still great artwork and ties in with the computer game. The back shows us more of what we will get in the box and how the new pitch will look.


We can see that in the box is a double sided pitch, one side will be grass and the other more of a mud look to it. The dugouts are also double sided to match , so now you can play home and away games, but don’t count the away goals as double!  Also to note is the Deck of special play cards that are only really used for league play, but still nice to have.

The full contents list from the back of the box:

Two teams of 12 dynamically posed, push fit, coloured plastic Citadel miniatures.

Game Tokens and Balls.

A lavishly detailed, double-sided, fold-out Official pitch.

Two Offical Blood Bowl Team Dug-outs

Two sets of Offical Blood Bowl Dice

Plastic Pass, Scatter and Throw-in Templates

Deck of Special Play Cards

Player Reference Cards

Official Blood Bowl Rulebook

Two Game Reference sheets.

If you look closely at the front of the box, you will see an official merchandise stamp in the lower corner, and from the parts list you can see they are big on the fact their stuff is official. Also in the corner is a big red banner telling us and this is just so we know, that this game is from the makers of Warhammer 40,00 and now the unavailable game Warhammer. Still, it’s nice to see the Old lady of sports games being shown some love from GW and I can’t wait to open the new box.



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