Learning Curve Act Seventeen

trudvang-chronicles1I have a weird relationship with RPGs; on the one hand I have always enjoyed creating characters and their backstories rolling/picking their stats and equipment and then being them for a while on a Friday night.  On the flip side I find them to be an occasionally frustrating affair for several reasons.  When I saw an advert on Facebook for the Trudvang Chronicles I decided that perhaps it was high time to start role-playing again…I read the Kickstarter campaign to print the game in English for the first time and couldn’t resistthe urge to back it at the adventurer pledge level.  This level gets me all the books I would need to GM a campaign (I actually added a bonus set of the player books to help).  Then it went kind of bonkers.  The Adventurer pledge which was just the necessary four books (all be it blinged up somewhat) suddenly became six books.  Then six books and a pdf adventure, then character sheets and a neat slip case.  The full adventurer package now gets you all of this;


That is mad good value for any role-playing game, let alone an award winning one with a long history of publication in Swedish and amazing artwork.  Set firmly in the Nordic/Celtic fantasy continent of Trudvang the setting itself is deeply evocative and reminiscent of some of the sagas we’re all familiar with.  I won’t say much more because the campaign page and the global support already achieved by RiotMinds speaks for itself but I’m super excited for this project and I’m really looking forward to receiving all of my goodies next year and running what I hope will be a long and fulfilling saga of heroes…

For those of you on a budget there’s now the option to back at pdf only level for a staggering £35 (ish)!  Now that’s a deal worth taking and since a lot of people play at home or just prefer to have a searchable tablet etc instead of a humongous pile of books this is a great plan.  It’ll hugely benefit those of you outside of Europe as you’ll avoid those tedious shipping and import charges as well.

trudvang-chronicles2I’ll update on further progress via my twitter feed (@bzimark) but I’d highly recommend this for gaming groups of all standards of play from those of you who just dabble to the most immersed player.  RiotMinds themselves say that “It’s a game for all groups…The system itself is quite easy to learn”.  They add that with “more than 20 books for the game in Swedish” it’s pretty safe to assume that there is plenty of room for growth in the project.  Next week I’m reviewing Beyond the Gates of Antares so stay tuned -Mark!

All images are the property of RiotMinds and used with permission.

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