Zone Mortalis

Zone Mortalis is the designation given by the Imperium to the most savage arenas of combat conceivable. Such zones, be they the contested decks of a void warship, tangled mine works, lightless under-hives, the prison-vaults of sundered fortress citadels, labyrinthine industrial sewer systems and sacred catacombs, are tightly confined, murderous venues for warfare.


The Zone Mortalis Battlefield Network consists of sixteen Zone Mortalis tiles along with four small and two large blast doors allowing you to create a 4’ x 4’ battlefield of snaking corridors and dead ends. Included are; two Alpha Complex tiles; two Beta Complex tiles; two Delta Complex tiles; two Epsilon Complex tiles; two Eta Complex tiles; two Gamma Complex tiles; two Theta Complex tiles; and two Zeta Complex tiles.


If anyone from Forge World sees this article and would like to donate a copy for review please do not hesitate to get in touch, I can promise you it will be a very thorough review!

This kit looks great and I would imagine goes really well with Games Workshops new mini box sets as well as many other uses it could be put to!


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