Dropzone Commander – Reconquest: Phase 2

Available to order now is the latest rules/source book for Dropzone Commander, this 152 page A4 full colour perfect bound Expansion Book for Dropzone Commander. This is the Second Expansion Book for Dropzone Commander. The cover is matt laminated with spot UV.


Contents of this book include:

  • The Continued Story of the Reconquest
  • Environmental Rules
  • Environmental Scenarios
  • New Tournament Scenarios
  • 5 Key Faction Sections:
    – UCM
    – Scourge
    – PHR
    – Shaltari
    – Resistance

This book introduces a brand new mechanic to broaden the gaming experience further – Environmentals. The Environmental Rules include World Conditions, Ecosystems, Random Events and Fauna. These Fauna include fantastic creatures, from Feral Vampires to huge rampaging behemoths, each which has the capability of affecting the battle scene with their presence and activity.

There is a new Famous Commander for each race, and a variety of new units too. The previously released units which had experimental rules, now have definitive versions of their rules.

As the Reconquest continues, more is in the balance and death and destruction are everywhere… 


You can pick up your copy of Reconquest here

I am hoping this is going to be the spark along with Dropfleet Commander thats sparks a bit off excitement locally.


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