Dragondaze – Show Report

I love gaming shows, okay beyond the fact that I have to get up at silly O’Clock and sometimes the travel the rest is great.  You get a chance to catch up with people you may not of seen for ages and play games you may have missed and lets not comment about the dent in the bank balance at all.

Today I managed to get along to Dragondaze in Newport, its in its 4th although its not the size of Salute, Hereward, Colours etc it does manage to get about 600 people through the door.  Its also one of only 2 games shows in Wales.

The show brings in a good mix of people, it has a boardgame section, people doing LARP, RPG area as well as traders and plenty of demo space.  Also the ever popular Cosplay fraternity.

SLA were along as well as locals Firestrom Games, Annie of Bad Squiddo, Rules of Play, Esdevium Games, Horizon Wars.  So there were plenty of current games being played by new audiences.

Its certainly a show I’ll get back to again next year and its also a show I really hopes gets bigger and bigger.  If you’ve never been along I suggest if you can reach it then you should give it a go.



9 thoughts on “Dragondaze – Show Report”

    1. Hi Apoc, I’m going on the amount given by Simon. As I was running demo’s all day long and didn’t get to all the rooms I can only go in that.

      1. Yeah, I think it was probably closer to 200 than 300. Simon does have a bit of a reputation for over-estimating the attendance quite badly.

        I was there with Macrocosm, running demos of Horizon Wars (my game) and Ballmonsters! (the game I’m designing with Macrocosm) and I had a terrific day. I sold a few copies of HW and made some great contacts. But the traders I spoke to were very unhappy with the footfall compared with events of a similar size. General feeling was that the event as a whole was too unfocused, with no clear emphasis.

        Although I think there’s a certain degree of event fatigure kicking – there seem to be few weekends now when a games convention isn’t happening somewhere – I’m not sure why Dragondaze hasn’t done better. Possibly it’s local parking (although there’s an NCP right next to the venue), or just location. But my overall impression is that the organizers have aimed to deliver something too large, too quickly instead of starting small and building up a loyal and regular following over the last four years from which to branch out to something bigger.

        If all the traders who told me they weren’t coming back next year follow through, it’s going to be a very empty hall in 2017.

      2. Hey Robey. I did see you perched on the end running Horizon Wars, was planning on popping down to say hello, but everytime i decided someone popped past to either chat or oddly a game.

        I think running a show is hard having been involved in a couple myself and unless you can get people through the door it’s not going to go anywhere.

    2. The source is the numbers counted through the doors. because of the spread of the rooms you don’t see great numbers of people crowded together. The role-playing room was busy the board games room was busy. The balcony playing area was busy and most of the traders in the main hall reported a satisfactory day

      1. Is the “numbers counted through the doors” the same as the number of paying entrants? The balcony playing area was sparse, with 11 X-wing players making up the vast bulk. I spoke to 6 traders who reported trading as very poor or poor. As a trader myself I would describe the day as poor.

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