Sunday Colour #16

micro-art-studio-garage-23For a little change this week I have assembled and painted some scenery.  I’ve never really owned any to call mine before because I’m lucky enough to be a member of a very good club that provides a great deal.  But just in case I want to play a few small games at home and in case there’s a run on the scenery cupboard one night I’m getting some that’s all mine.  The first item is Micro Art Studios brilliant Garage model.

First things first.  This kit is excellent; really robust and tight fitting.  It’s important to follow the instructions and to be firm but not rough with the components.  A couple of pieces had to have their interlocking parts filed down slightly to make them fit.  It’s important to cut the pieces out, don’t pop them because you could damage something.

Once all the parts are out just use PVA glue and assemble as instructed.  Everything should fit together nicely.  Once that’s all dry you can paint it!  I decided that spray cans would be my friends for this as I wanted something functional but you can be as lavish as you like.  I went for a thorough black coat followed by increasingly directional light passes of the main colour for the parts.

Once that’s dry a quick dry brushing of a very light colour on the upper edges to highlight them.  A splash of colour on the ramps, ladder and ‘lights’ in a very rough and ready lighting effect complete the painting stage.  It looked a bit dull still so a quick googling of ‘posters for infinity terrain’ got me some wicked little pictures to glue on with PVA.  I set these on and then coated them in PVA again to seal them in place.

And voila, one quick easy and eye catching terrain piece suitable for most sci-fi games but especially Infinity and Afterlife!  Speaking of which, stay tuned for next week where the Mirakuru Crew will be completed in full! Until then happy hobying -Mark!

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