Project Z Review 3 of 3, The Game!

I finally got a game of this the other night, and the game played out slowly. There were a few teething problems and misprinted cards to get over but after we got passed that we were able to get the game going.

Now one thing I do like about Project Z is that it’s slightly different from most Zombie games in that you are facing off against another human player. It’s not just everyone Vs the zombies. The set up is that you are two gangs facing off to retrieve items from a street corner or warehouse and the zombies come along and get in the way. So not only do you have to worry about the other gang you have the Z guys to deal with too.



Now the bad points, it looks like there is some confusion with the rules, my notes from the game highlighted three problems we had but I know there was more. The misprinted cards caused a lot of problems and a lot of the game didn’t make sense and the rules just didn’t tell you how to deal with some problems. We had “What happens if you shoot a shocked figure” and the page regarding the scenario didn’t make sense as well.

Well, I’m happy to say that Warlord has put the updated rules and survivors guide online for free download. A quick look through and I can see some of the confusion has been cleared with a few word changes and it’s good that they are free.

But inclusion I think I’m going to wait and see if they release a 2ed before I put any more into this game. The rules just don’t make sense and need to be sorted.

Great Idea but sort out the rules.


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