Suicide Squad Game Box


This keeps getting better and better!

I think that I’m sold on this from.  I literally can’t wait!  With 13 other 35mm Knight models including (but not limited to) Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the Joker.  Two highly thematic buildings, a bunch of accessories and the rules is this the way to get into the game?

bmg-game-box2I think so and I also think this could make the game as popular in my area as the Marvel Miniatures Universe which is no small feat!  Stay tuned for more details like release date and price tag!

The price is E99.95 from The Night Models store, link above, with a release schedule of the 26th Ocotber! or you can order from Element Games for a mere £76.50  -Mark


3 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Game Box”

    1. What’s 3mm between friends? Seriously Thanks I’ll fix it!

      It is great value and it’ll make the game more popular. Might be alot of Joker crews running about!

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