An Undead Journey Part Two

Since part one of my Undead Journey, something incredibly strange has happened. 4 points of Cryx has manifested itself into 68 points and maybe a few more. I know weird right, the undead must have been feasting on Souls since my last article.

This was the start of my painting but more on that later.

All this has lead to a massive jam on the painting desk with things coming in left right and center, the star of the show at the moment has to be the Seether/Inflictor, weighing in at a fairly impressive 13 points a model, the Seether just looks like a close combat melee powerhouse, with its rule Uncontrollable Rage it has to run or charge if it can without spending any focus, with a close combat attack of 2d6 + 8 its going to be really easy to start landing some hits and doing 2d6 + 17 when those hits land they are going to hurt badly. the Inflictor although not quite as punchy in close combat, is able to shield other units.

The other new Cryx unit that seems to have appeared is Carrion Thralls, these were a bit fiddly to put together but with some perseverance I managed it, I am not 100% sold on what the point of them is other than being an annoyance for your opponent, as they can move a hefty distance, or for administering the coup de graise against damaged opponents? I guess time will tell. I have a demonstration/learning game planned for the end of this month, the hope is to go with something a bit more attractive than just plain undercoated models, but trying to get hold of P3 paint at the moment really does suck.

As you can see there is a slight difference in colours since the last picture. I am aiming to try and paint them as close to the text book versions as possible using the painting guide found in the starter set. The Base for the plate is supposed to be Cryx Bane Base, for some reason as shown in the first picture I started off with what I think must have been Jack Bone, not that there is to much difference but did leave me scratching my head for hours as to how I was going to get from the bone colour to the armour colour.

I also managed to get hold of the Winter Shadow Combine for no other reason that they look awesome. (Picture found courtesy of google)
Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

That’s all for this update. Be sure to keep an eye out for what bone headed painting blunders I make next.

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