Learning Curve 18: Beyond The Gates of Antares

20160916_200329Hi again!  A few weeks ago I discussed my bargain Antares Concord army and then the super fast manner of painting that I applied to them.  This week I got the pleasure of taking them to the field for the first time.  So what did I learn?

20160916_204748Well the first thing is that the game is great fun.  It’s quick and simple with swings in fortune from side to side that keep you believing you’re in with a shout (even when you’re getting whupped).  The orders dice is a remarkably engaging rule in itself and I still think that being able to chose the right one at the right time is probably the difference between a good commander and a mediocre one.

The other thing is that Ghar are very difficult to destroy.  In the end they shrugged off so many hits that I kind of gave up on actually killing any…

We played two 500 point games, my Concord consisting of three five man Strike Squads with spotter drones and a pair of Light Support drones whilst Ryan’s Ghar was just a three trooper Battle Squad and a  three trooper Assault Squad (but all maxed out since they’re all he owns).  Game one was an unmitigated failure…

The plan was to lump a load of shots onto the battle squad and try to pin them or even break them before the combat suits reached my lines.  In actual fact what happened was that my drones got blown up and thanks to bad deployment and the requirement for one of the strike squads to go down early to prevent unnecessary casualties from occurring meant that the only real “success” was killing a Ghar Assault trooper in close combat!

Game two was much closer; with my plan largely unchanged I deployed slightly better and was a little more aggressive with the strike teams and less so with the drones to make use of their range.  It worked fairly well with the battle suits being broken quite early but not before they’d broken two strike squads and outright blown up my drones (again) which left a desperate two Ghar combat dudes racing to engage my last strike team before I lucked out and blasted one of them.  In the end my squad was caught and unceremoniously butchered but it was great fun.

20160916_220036The thing is though that I was left with the slight feeling that the Ghar were somewhat un-killable.  The best weapon for actually killing them that I own is simply massed light arms but it made me wonder is there something I’m missing?  Should I consider an X-Launcher to make it easier to score pins or go for something a little larger calibre?  How are you guys dealing with Ghar and the larger drones etc?  I’m sure I’m missing something…

Many thanks for your help in advance! -Mark




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