Heroes of Normandie: Tactical Card Game – The Rules

heroes-of-normandieHowdy folks, a few days ago we gave you the heads up about Devil Pig Games releasing their kickstarter for the HoN:TCG.  Well I’m back to let you know that those jolly kind folks have put the rules up for general use!

Yes that’s correct, regardless of if you are or are not a backer you can download the rulebook (all 12 pages of it) and the other bits you’ll need to play a few games.   For those of you who are on the fence this is the way to decide whether this project is worthy of your cash.

heroes-of-normandie2My thoughts on the rules and cards?  In truth it’s as much a board game as a card game with dice, counters and importantly a map to move your units around on.  The key to the game would appear to be utilizing your HQs well and careful token management to grab your objectives.  In return neutralising your opponents head quarters units should reduce his board presence enough for you to get your cascade-effect roll on!

Deck building appears to me (though there may be rules around this we are yet to see) to be concerned with managing a good mix of armoured and infantry units with the right amount of HQ and event cards.  Too many or too few of any one type and you could find yourself with a dead turn on your hands, particularly after a devastating attack by an opponent.  Obviously not all units are created equal and in time I think weeding out those weak links will also be key to success.

I’m off to print mine and hopefully cajole someone into playing against me, I suggest you head over to kickstarter and do the same!


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