40K Hobby Starter Sets

In news from elsewhere on the internet ICv2 have confirmed the impending arrival of six new introductory kits for the Warhammer 40’000 universe.

Designed with the very beginner most beginners these kits are designed to encourage people into the hobby at a very low skill level.  Each kit contains the basic paints, a brush and an easy to put together plastic kit and currently the line focuses on those races with greatest beginner appeal, the mighty Space Marines and the brutal Orks.

GW Build & Paint (2).jpgWhilst these might not be terribly exciting for many of us they are a good entry level product for potential collectors and younger hobbyists.  If there’s one thing Games Workshop do well it’s attracting new players to our hobby and this seems to be aimed directly there.

Now we all know that you still need all manner of tools and paints before this is done but they’d make a decent Christmas present for a child that’s enthralled by what Mummy or Daddy does with his little men and what’s that?  They’re due out in November?  Colour me cynical but it’s like they planned to supply Santa directly…

This implies strongly to me that GW will be extending their reach back into more toy stores and major retailers and that a similar Age of Sigmar set of six will be coming in the new year. -Mark


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