Gates of Antares Part Two Concord Renforcements

The hard to write second part, well unfortunately I don’t believe I have managed to get much painting done since the first update this is in part due to a few new arrivals that have well arrived. As well as a combination of outside factors and a lot of things demanding brush time, i think I was a bit ambitious in my plans for these updates but needless to say the show must go on.

Since the first update I have acquired my Drop Squad Command, some more drones, which there was a problem with which ended up with even more drones, as well as an X-Howlizter which is all kinds of massive and awesome. So before the next update I am going to try and get my first 500 points painted

This 500 Points will consist of

NuHu Mandarin with Nano Drone and Shield Drone (174pts)

Strike Leader Kai Lek Atastrin with 4*Plasma Carbine Troops and 1*PLasma Lance Trooper all with Plasma Grenades and a spotter drone (180 Points)

C3 Strike Squad  with Strike leader x-sling ammo 4*Plasma Carbine Troopers and 1*Plasma Lance Trooper this squad will have a spotter drone as well. (145 points)

I am not sure if having the NuHu Mandarin in at such a low points cost is going to be a problem or a good choice, I guess we will see after a few games and besides 499 points is pretty close to 500 points for a game limit..


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