Wasteman – The Knights of Gnar!

The Knights of Gnar are live on Kickstarter!

I am a big fan of small independant games manufacturers – specifically those valiant souls who slave away in their backrooms, to make something personal and magical that can touch other gamers. Jason Fairclough with his Thunderchild Miniatures encapsulate this ethos completely for me.

The Tin-Can closes on the Lunar Coalition…


The 35mm Wasteman range is a gloriously chunky and insanely retro series of sculpts with a real 1980’s Roger Corman and Lloyd Kaufman feel to them – set on a technicolour post-apocalyptic world filled with toxic waste, obscene mutant abominations, and oversized boxy weapons.

Game play is fast and brutal, made even more destructive with the use of the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) cards which snap out such gloriously chaotic events as Alien Abduction (Aliens kidnap one of the opposing models for a turn) or Galactic Bombardment (Nuke one of your opponents models from orbit… it’s the only way to be sure…).

The Yeoman tasters from Salute!

Salute this year saw the release of Jason’s Wasteman compatible Yeoman figures – the same world view and aesthetic as Wasteman, but with a Sword and Sorcery feel.


Jason has just launched his third Kickstarter – focussing on the Knights of Gnar – Feudal Mutant Knights both on foot and riding giant warsnails (Deathcargot Dragoons…), which (31 minutes in…) has just hit its target!

The Kickstarter is running now here:

The exising Wasteman range can be found here;


…and Jason and the rest of the Wasteman community may be found on Facebook here;



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