Genestealer Cult Pre-Orders Available

So the internet has been awash with images of Genestealer Cults and it appears that it’s quite exciting news!

genestealer-cult-army-shot-1Well I think this is exciting.  Games Workshop really should explore more of the vast background for their universes in my opinion.  There really is enormous scope for this to become something much bigger if it goes well.  Coupled with the return of Blood Bowl later this year and hopefully more of the specialist games range in the coming year or so I think that this can really energise those of us with fond memories of 40K et al back into the Games Workshop fold.

However there are two things that concern me with this release.  The first is just how practical is a Genestealer Cult in a game of 40K?  A game riddled with supposedly broken formations of super killy-burny death?  Well they have a transport vehicle which looks to have some anti-aircraft abilities and the same vehicle with a heavy weapon but I wouldn’t put much money on them being the next big tournament faction.  Though it does appear they might be able to rope in the Guard…

The second thing is this; when I see on an almost daily basis ‘this thing is broken’ or ‘that thing is overpowered’ shouldn’t GW be fixing their existing universe’s rules before adding additional codexes to muddy the water yet further?  I’m no expert and I know cool models are their selling point but isn’t there a better way here?

Anyway I’m going to check if there are any blips on the auspex but if you want these check here -Mark


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