Short Wars: A (small) skirmish game…

Short wars is a skirmish level game, played with small warbands of diminutive races – Goblins, Halflings, Dwarfs and Dark Dwarfs – as they build upon their fortunes and reputations by exploring and raiding neighboring territories, amassing gold and defeating rival warbands, with figures in the range sculpted by such prominent industry names as Kevin Adams, John Pickford, Ross Whitehorn and Chris Nicholls.

Captain Fallohides and his Halfling entourage (bases from Alex Hadfield)

What I like about the Short Wars range, is how it tickles that part of my brain that revels in the retro; these are sculpted by the same team tht created the Halfling and Goblin toys that I grew up with and loved during the late 80’s and 90’s – a return to what I think of as classic designs and sculpts from a golden age! As such, these toys are seeing a lot of play and interest in the Oldhammer community (a group devoted to playing with older Citadel models and editions of Games Workshop systems) and as models of choice for the League of Rhordia – Mantic Games Halfling army as listed in their Uncharted Empires supplement for Kings of War.

A week remains on the current Kickstarter being run by Short Wars generalisimo Jason Lye, which gives backers the chance to pick up beginner warbands for Short Wars.

Gholem Xvart and  his Xvart Warband (bases from Alex Hadfield)

The Short Wars community currently congregates on Facebook here:

And the Short Wars Kickstarter can be found here:


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