X-Wing Speculation

So I have been having a large sort out and wondering what I can do with getting rid off and what I could replace it with? Now X-Wing has always been there out of the corner of my eye teasing me.


Why I hear you ask; its so unlike anything you guys have seen me do before, well lets read on a bit.

Back before I really got bit by the wargaming bug, and yes bit deep it really has, a local FLGS that is no longer there had Star Wars on display as a demo and I played a few games of it and really enjoyed it, but never really got around to buying in to it.


So with Wave 9 out now and more releases scheduled for quarter 4. I am wondering if its time to give in to the inevitable and just get it over with. I know enough people locally who play, and there is always plenty going on tournament wise, that it really shouldnt take me to long to get up to speed, I hope.


So what would be your recomendations for a beginner to the X-Wing scene?

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