Star Saga: Mantic’s Dungeon Crawler… In Spaaaaaaaaaace!


Today see’s the launch of Mantic’s newest Kickstarter – Star Saga: The Eiras Contract.


Announced a mere 10 days ago, and much like is predecessor Dungeon Saga, this will see Mantic taking their highly affordable miniatures and easily accessible games play, crawling through tractless corridors and chambers – although this time in the dark forboding reaches of space.

In Star Saga: The Eiras Cotract players will take on the role of a team of mercenaries on a mission to retrieve stolen data plans from a clandestine research facility – evoking shades of Star Wars and Serenity.

Captain Erika Feyir.png
Captain Erika Feyer

We can expect to see a lot more of the denizens that have thus far populated the previous Mantic Sci-Fi Universe – with images revealed already of GCPS Troopers, Mercs that look suspiciously like Rebs, Stage 3 Plague Victims, Chovar (large tentacled floating brains…) and, of course, the ubiquitous Blaine…

As ever, we can expect to see from Mantic a fast, easy to learn – but challenging to master – games system, that can find a welcome home on the shelves of veteran and novice gamers alike.


The Devil.png
The Devil…


Star Saga: The Eiras Contract will hit Kickstarter on September 26th at 8:30AM EST, and run for 25 days

The Alpha test version of the rules is available for perusal here:

The Star Saga community can be found on their Facebook page:

And the Kickstarter itself is where all the action is.




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