The Black 13th

Last month saw two new releases for Cygnar players in Warmachine a resculpted Black 13th Blister pack and an Arcane Tempest Rifleman Solo.


The Black 13th and Cygnar feature quite heavily in the latest issue on No Quarter as well.

The Black 13th are the elite strike force of the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest and a weapon of war sharpened to a razor’s edge by relentless service to the crown. The Black 13th has gone from a group of highly persecuted individuals to an intense elite force. Intense fighting has cut the unit’s complement to three: Captain Dixon Lynch, Sergeant Samuel Watts, and Lieutenant Darsey Ryan. When these three fight together, each effortlessly watches the blind spots of the others while combining their fire to tear apart any opposition. For the Black 13th there can never be capture or surrender, only victory or death.


All three members of the Black 13th have the same stats although Ryan has two pistols a very respectable Ranged Attack (RAT) of 8 coupled with a defense of 14 should see these guys survive a fair amount of punishment along with there health of 5 each. With selectable fire types, the ability to gain Stealth, as well as move after hitting a target they seem really good at a mere 10 points, if you then factor in they +1 Damage Roll for each member of the unit that has caused damage this turn and you have a very elite and undercosted unit that can do a lot of things in the game.


Arcane Tempest Riflman are highly skilled marksmen serve as an expansion of the armed might of the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest. Armed with steely nerve, long-ranged magelock rifles, and witheringly effective combat magic, arcane tempest riflemen operate autonomously to neutralize enemy officers or to help bring down hard targets. Training alongside CRS scouts affords them greater awareness when navigating battlefields, able to identify enemy forces attempting to move unseen.

The ATR solo trades off a point of Ranged Attack (RAT) for an extra 4 inch Range and at only 4 points they look like they will make a nice option to boost your points if you are running short.The rifleman comes with a few cool rules able to ignore stealth and reposition at the end of the activation means it can pop in and out of cover and generally be an almighty pain, that you either deal with quickly or stay out of its range. The Magelock Rifle also has three selectable firing types which makes this model an incredibly flexible unit.

The level of detailing on these models is great and the details are nice and bold so even ham fisted painters won’t loose all the details.



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