SLA Industries: The Scavs are coming!

A wise man once said, nothing great ever goes away forever… and that is especially true for SLA Industries – the cutting edge Roleplaying games from the early 90’s, which carved out a niche as one of Britains most compelling and atmospheric homegrown RPGs.

This past year has seen the original writing team from ‘back in the day’ join forces with the dynamism of the Daruma miniatures team, beginning initially with a mind to reprinting the classic RPG in its entirety, supplemented with a few choice pieces that never saw a release back in the 90’s, developing into the recent highly successful Kickstarter funding a dedicated miniatures game, scheduled for release next year.

Scav Leader with Axe and Blaster

The Scav faction is the third of the six factions released for the SLA Industries:CS1 miniatures game, and they are currently in playtest.

Scav Leader with Chainsaw

The Scavs themselves are a brutal towering alien threat to the World of Progress, cloaked in rags of mystery, with their features hidden behind bulky gas masks, piecemeal, scavenged armour and torn remnants of cloth and leather.

Scav with Flamer

Appearances, however can be deceptive; although the Scavs appear to be a ramshackle and disorganised group of scavengers, their genius is not to be underestimated. The Scavs labour tirelessly gathering scrap materials from the city ruins to then convert into powerful weapons and vehicles.

Scav Leader with Axe

Having played a few games with the Scavs myself, they carve out a pretty intimidating force on the tabletop. Despite having fewer models on the table than the Carrien and Shiver factions (a starting force of Shivers has a squad of 5 operatives, the Carrien stand at 6, whilst a comprable force of Scavs is 3 models!) the Scavs just keep going – with obscene amounts of health and armour – which can be repaired through the use of Ratings Points. When they finally get into combat, they prove to be brutal, using flamers, huge edged weapons and mines.

Scav Sniper

Each of the Scavs will stand at around the 40mm mark.

In addition to the new Scavs, Daruma will also be releasing a bust of the World of Progress most infamous serial killer, Halloween Jack (see featured image at the top of the page) this beast will stand at a whopping 65mm!

The Beta test rules for the Scavs and the core SLA Industries:CS1 miniatures game are available here;

And the SLA Industries Facebook community can be found here;


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