Spartan Games – Fleet Action

I was just saying the other day that Spartan games are busy and then lo and behold they bang out another article

This time its them adding the Orbats (Fleet lists), for the minor nations.  So that’s .Chinese Federation, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Denmark, League of Italian States, Scandinavian Teutonic Order , Indian Raj, Royal Australia, Free Australia, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Dominion of Canada, East India Merchant Company, Black Wolf Company and Honourable Eclipse Company.  These along with the originals already listed for the Major Powers means you can play full games of Fleet Action with all the forces.


If you’ve not tried Fleet Action you should really give it a go, its designed for bigger games of Dystopian Wars.  Now it does remove a few of the mechanics so that the games play quicker, it doesn’t remove the fun you’ll have playing it.  It could even lead people to play bigger games.




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