40K: Starting Over?

ahriman-40kHello, many of you will remember reading that I was curious about playing 40K again and if not you can catch up a little here.  The more I think about it the more I convince myself that it is a good idea but I have a problem.

That problem is two fold really.  I’m competitive and therefore want a decent army (since I hate getting beaten every time) and I’m a little bit cash strapped.  All of the games that I’ve been covering recently have really burnt a hole in my wallet.  Generally I just buy stuff and force it into an army but it tends not to work very well.  For example my wall-to-wall bolter toting Night Lords (which I think look cool but aren’t going to fare too well on the 40K table by all accounts).

This is where you guys come in.  I want a new (bored of blue) 40K army that is competitive to the point where if I was to enter a small tournament it wouldn’t be disgraced by anything other than my bad playing.  I have no idea which force to chose though and it’s not a small investment with codexes alone retailing at £25.  There really are so many available it’s a bit bewildering for anyone returning to the game!

blood-angels-codexIf you could assist me by at least narrowing down my options to a few codexes that would be great.  A suggestion for starting that army would be brilliant too.  Something like Chaos Space Marines – Thousand Sons boxed set would be ideal.  I’m asking you guys who have more experience to help me because the internet is awash with opinions and frankly there are soooo many I can’t see the wood for the trees!

Many thanks in advance for your assistance! -Mark

7 thoughts on “40K: Starting Over?”

  1. Eldar and Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, Mechanicus, Tau, Necrons and Grey Knights are all strong (probably in that order). Dark Eldar and Orks are weakest. CSM can be ok but need lots of thought, need units from IA13 and probably few or no actual CSM to be competitive.

    You could try Imperial Knights as an army, they are cheapish on Ebay. Combine with Assassins for a fun, tiny model count army.

    I think generic Space Marines are the safest army to collect, they are never really dreadful. Whit Scars or Iron Hands are probably the most powerul chapters at the mo. Mechanicus have the best start collecting box.

    1. Thank you for your detailed response. I thought White Scars myself after someone said Ravenwing on Facebook. Hmmm. SM bikes may win!
      Not keen on knights to be honest! It feels a bit cheaty to me!

  2. No problem, happy to help.

    I forgot the new hotness, Genestealer Cults. Looks like they will be competitive with a really interesting play style. Cheapish too as a copy of Deathwatch Overkill (ebaying the Deathwatch) and a couple of each box, combined with some cheap Imperial Guard off of ebay should make a good army.

    If you want to go White Scars you will need a copy of Angels of Death as well as the codex, before you write your army list.

    1. OK. Lots to consider. I’m going to take my time this go around with my purchases because I don’t want to waste too much money. Thanks again!

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