Bolt Action Tiger Hunt! Scenario & Mini Game

If you hunt around on the Warlord website not only will you find great content for all of their games, you might also find a Tiger or two.


The first is a scenario devised by Andy Singleton of VolleyFire Painting, this scenario puts three Churchill MK 3’s up against an early Tiger 1. Based in 1943 Tunisia, the scenario does’t claim to be historical re-fight or a balanced point match but it should be good fun to pit the Churchill’s against this new beast that has appeared on the battlefield. The British need to get a closer look, so knocking one out is imperative.  This can be found HERE

The second Tiger is a mini online game. You are an Allied tank commander and you have to find the Tiger from a grid of squares. Each shot tells you how close or far away from the tiger you are. The game is to see how many shots it takes you to find the tiger! Play game here


I’ve given the online game a go and it’s good fun for killings time, as for the scenario, I can’t wait to give this a try but will have to add to my Churchill’s as I only have one currently.


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