Mantic’s Walking Dead – Unboxing

So this arrived this morning…


The box itself is a thing of beauty – the window packaging allows mantic to show off the snazzy artwork, and the quality of the sculpted models within – These are a pleasant departure from the models I’m used to with the recent Mantic Kickstarters – not the flimsy coloured plastic of Dungeon Saga or Mars Atacks! -these models have a real stability and heft to them, which has allowed for some really detailed work on the sculpts.

Rick and Carl

The game includes three decks of cards – each scaled at a different size for ease of identification – character cards, event cards and supply & equipment cards. Also included is a threat tracker (with a lovely little spinny arrow…) cardboard cars and barricades, and a slew of templates and tokens.



The Walking Dead!

I was pleasantly surprised to find no duplicate zombies or gang members in the set; each zombie or Scavenger is unique – which I find a really nice  touch.

Splat covered Dice…


Rules in hand!


This copy will be seeing the light of day (all painted and ready to go!) at the HATECONZOM Mantic demo day at the HATE Club in Bethnal Green – details of that event can be found here; HATECONZOM


Meanwhile, Mantic’s latest Kickstarter ‘Star Saga’ is currently mowing down targets here;  Star Saga – Kickstarter



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