Arcworlde Kickstarter Live

Okay by now everyone knows we love the guys at Warploque Miniatures we’ve mentioned Arcworlde more than once (Review, Painting 1, 2, 3).

Because of the style of miniatures they are going to work for so many systems, can see more than one being used in something like Frostgrave and even wondering if a few may work as RPG minis in Trudvang as well.

So now that its Live now on Kickstarter, here’s some info from the guys themselves.

On 30th September 2016 at 8.00pm GMT, Warploque Miniatures launched its third Kickstarter, ArcWorlde: Troubles in the North. The latest expansion for Warploque’s fantasy skirmish game ArcWorlde, Troubles in the North details a supernatural cold that has seized the north of the titular planet, and the battle between ArcWorlde’s major powers to seize control of that freezing menace.


Building upon the phenomenal success of Warploque’s first two Kickstarters—ArcWorlde and ArcWorlde: The Battle for Troll Bridge—this Kickstarter will feature over 100 brand new miniatures. Each of those miniatures has been sculpted by Warploque’s founder and polymath, Alex Huntley, and will feature a brand new miniatures for each of the six factions established in the core game. Three brand new factions will also debut, with warbands for the Njorsvald, the Dark Lords, and the Ancient Dead.


Not content with sculpting this swathe of new miniatures, Alex has also created the next generation of ArcWorlde’s celebrated monsters. These fearsome new creatures—including the stunning Arctic Dragon, the Bloodoak and the Graven—are worthy additions to ArcWorlde’s growing catalogue of incredible monsters. They cement Alex’s growing reputation as one of the industry’s leading sculptures of monsters; a reputation enhanced by commissions for Mierce Miniatures, Hysterical Games’ Panzerfauste and North Star Military Figures’ Frostgrave.

Troubles in the North also sees not only the next step in the evolution of AceWorld’s rules, with an extensive errata, but also its growing multimedia content, with both audio and prose fiction, and the latest in a series of promotional videos.

ArcWorlde: Troubles in the North is now live on Kickstarter, and concludes October 31th at 8.00pm GMT.

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