Heroes of Normandie: Card Game

Designed by Pascal Bernard and Patrick Receveur, two wonderful game designers and world war two (WWII) fanatics, this 2 players game is served by a simple but dynamic mechanic for 30 to 45 minutes of frantic games.

Obviously, the main theme is the Normandie historical battles but the famous Heroes of Normandie hollywood varnish has been meticulously brushed on every aspects of the game.

The most important part of the game is the order in which you activate your units. Some of them, especially Headquarters, can assign to other units GO! tokens to activate them. So, think twice before rushing with your Panther, maybe it would be wiser to use your HQ instead…



As you can see there is a fair amount in the base pledge but even more in the unlocked stretch goals.


The Heroes of Normandie tactical card game describes the main battles of this epic operation. Each battle was adapted into a scenario based on historical events for an accurate level design and a great challenge.

Once you’ve chosen the scenario, just set up the battle map, sort the cards you need, deploy your troops and be ready to fight.


The whole game is played with cards. Some are deployed at the beginning of the game. The other cards represent your deck. Here’s 4 types of cards.

  • Headquarters : They’re the most important component of your deck. They activate units and boost them if well placed. By using them smartly, you will be able to make combinations in order to optimize your turn.
  • Units : The troops you’re leading. From regular infantry to heavy tanks, each unit has its own statistics and special abilities. Chose the proper one to storm a village, or to support your spear point.
  • Events : Once an Event card in your hand, you can prepare a nasty surprise for your opponent! Special actions or dirty tricks are there to rumble the battlefield. Some are historical events, specific to scenarios, to build an accurate background and to bring a historical dimension.
  • Heroes : Of course Heroes! You can place them on unit cards to upgrade their combat efficiency. Each heroes is different and be sure you know them already if you’re an HoN fan.




As you can see there is an insane amount of content available and then there are a few more buy ins as well.


Thats pretty much the base pledge and there is more than enough for the 40 Euros that you can pledge by following this link, however its a kickstarter and there are stretch goals which add even more insane value to your pledge take a look at them below.



As the allied armies rush towards the heart of the Reich, they have unlocked these stretch goals


 As you can see there is a fair amount unlocked and should give this game a massive amount of replayabilty, if its anything like its bigger brother HoN I would expect to see this quite regularly at your local FLGS or gaming club.

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