Site Updates

As the very keen eyed reader will have noted there has been a very few subtle changes around recently a few pages have appeared and some have vanished, some permanently some only temporarily, there are a few reasons for this first is we are pressing forward with things at so far unheard of speeds,now with 6 writers including myself, its becoming easier to get things done, although having created this site from scratch I am finding a little hard to turn over the reigns for certain aspects at time, but we are getting there I have more time to paint, yes I will finish a project soon, hopefully soon more time to game as well which will be a novelty.

Some parts of the site may vanish completely for a day or two but the site as it stands now is almost what it will be in a few months I just have to organise some kinks out in the planning so that it looks as smooth as possible whilst maintaining everything I want in the site is easy to find.

So what can you look forward to, me rambling Mark painting, lots of news and hopefully even more reviews, as well as more shiney pictures of our toys, and once I can sort out a nice way of doing it I am tempted by a readers wiv…. a readers Forces Gallery as well where you can show off your painted forces. On top off that I want to organise more competitions, although how the Anvil Sci-Fi one hasn’t taken off like a Space Marine with a leaking Jet Pack is beyond me. Maybe the prize pot was to big for some people. So that is something else we will be looking at as a team as well.

Finally a big thank you to our readers thus far for turning up reading, commenting, liking and sharing our work. If you want to be kept up to date just click on the follow me on the left hand side.

So until next time, probably very soon, Keep Gaming and Rolling those Die




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