Star Saga Update

In case you missed the anouncement over the weekend!

Currently Funding: $200,000 – Enforcer ES435 – Codename ‘Monarch’

Featuring strong story-telling elements and immersive game scenarios, Star Saga: The Eiras Contract will see players guide a team of mercenaries on a mission to retrieve stolen technology from a highly guarded research facility deep beneath the surface of the planet Eiras.

In Star Saga you’ll take on platoons of minions and powerful alien bosses, and quickly discover there’s more to your mission than a simple case of corporate espionage. As the game unfolds you’ll be forced to make difficult decisions to stay alive as the story takes unexpected twists and turns.

Star Saga is the successor to 2014’s Dungeon Saga, praised for its simple core mechanics that provided a perfect opening for new players. Star Saga will introduce refined and more streamlined rules, and feature both ‘learn-as-you-go’ gameplay for novice adventurers and more advanced mechanics for seasoned gamers.

With completely new solo gameplay and deeper narrative elements, Star Saga delivers a true RPG dungeon crawler experience… in the depths of a subterranean base on a far-off alien world!

Further campaigns and expansions will utilize the full scope of science fiction settings, from space stations and starships to alien landscapes and beyond.


Star Saga uses classic dungeon crawler mechanics: players move their characters through the environment, opening doors, picking up loot, and revealing more of the board as the game progresses. Combat is resolved with a simple system of opposed dice rolls, while player statistics, abilities and special rules are all laid out on wonderfully designed game cards, allowing most players to learn the game as they play.

1-5 Players: Control all the Mercenaries yourself, or team-up to complete your mission co-operatively and take down the mastermind behind the facility on Eiras!

Solo Play: Newly developed solo play rules allow the game itself to take the role of the villain with simple card-based AI.

Ready to Play: Star Saga will include all the pre-assembled miniatures you’ll need to start playing right away. You’ll get all the necessary game cards, tiles and components for the complete dungeon crawler experience in one box.

Advanced Rules: Newly refined advanced rules will provide everything that the veteran-gamer needs – campaigns, experience, character creation, mission creation, and more.

• High Quality Figures & Packaging: The core box includes 32 highly detailed miniatures molded from premium plastic, with thick, high-quality tiles and counters. Packaged in a vacu-formed plastic tray to hold your figures firmly in place. For an example of component quality and how this game will be packaged and presented, see The Walking Dead: All Out War box opening here

We’re closing in on Monarch, and then it’s on to the next phase – expanding the game with more characters, more minis, and more exciting new features to make this the game we all want it to be. We’ve been coy up to now, but as anyone familiar with our boss man Ronnie will know, we can’t keep secrets for long

It’s time for a bumper update with all the exciting new stuff to come over the next few days. Here goes…

$205,000 Free Minions!

The new reinforcement rules in Star Saga allow the Nexus player to bolster their forces at key points in the game, and it’s always useful to have more choice in what to use. With this goal we hope to increase the figure count of the pledge with an additional set of three Security Guard miniatures, ideal for when you need some firepower to back up your forces.

Security Guards
Security Guards

$215,000 The Survivor – Kickstarter Exclusive Model & Exclusive Campaign!

With the research into the Plague virus being done on Eiras, the Survivor has a personal stake in the mission. This goal will allow us to bring him/her/it? into the story as a Kickstarter Exclusive upgrade to the pledge. You will receive a new Mercenary miniature for the Survivor along with a character card detailing his rules.

This is the second of the KS Exclusive models now, and we want to ensure that our loyal Kickstarter backers get the best use out of them. Therefore we will also create a new campaign that follows the core game, with a series of scenarios that uses all of the Kickstarter exclusives. This will be printed in the mission book in your Kickstarter pledge and won’t be available in the retail copy. We’ll post more details in a following update.

The Survivor
The Survivor

$220,000 More Free Minions!

Extra Lab Technicians always come in handy – as the lowest cost reinforcements they are great for swarming the Mercenaries and blocking corridors. When we hit this goal we will add two more Lab Technician miniatures into the pledge level.

Lab Technicians
Lab Technicians

$230,000 Ogan Helkkare, Forge Father Engineer

Following in the footsteps of Alyse, again we want to use this goal to expand the choice for players by adding Ogan to the core game. He is a Dwarven Engineer – the toughest character so far, with the ability to place sentry guns and force fields around the board to protect his team.

Ogan Helkkare
Ogan Helkkare

$240,000 Kizai Uru, Tsudochan Monk

The Character Creator doesn’t just limit you to the races of the characters in the core game – we will be featuring rules and abilities for many other inhabitants of the Warpath universe. One such race is the Tsudochan – highly intelligent aliens with such sophisticated technology that to the uneducated it looks like magic…

To get you started with all the new character rules, we want to add some Mercenary models into the Character Creator expansion. The first of these is Kizai Uru, and this goal will add him and his card into the Character Creator, included as part of your pledge!

Kizai Uru
Kizai Uru

$245,000 3D Sentry Guns and Force Fields

The earlier sneak peek at Ogan has gone down rather well with all of the Dwarf fans out there, and it seems a shame to have him running around with boring cardboard counters. If we hit this goal, we’ll add a few more components to the tool and take his equipment into the third dimension, replacing the sentry gun and force field generator counters with 3D plastic models – 2 of each.

Sentry Gun & Force Field Generator
Sentry Gun & Force Field Generator

$250,000 Project Pandora: Grim Cargo

Back in 2012 we launched Star Saga’s distant ancestor, Project Pandora (which you can see examples of in our gameplay video – we are using the components for our playtesting!). It was based on the old Dwarf King’s Hold mechanics, with some innovative changes to the activation system, and it told the story of a Veer-myn infested Corporation ship, the Grim Cargo. With this goal, we will reinvigorate Project Pandora, updating the rules in line with the improvements we’ve made to Star Saga, and we will provide a digital copy of the updated rules in your pledge.

Project Pandora
Project Pandora

All of these have been added to the diagram on the front page. Once we hit all of these, the Core Pledge will be worth over $160 at MSRP, and we want to double that by the end. Please, share this with your friends and you can help us get there!


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