Warhammer 40K Pre-Order Round-Up

So this week’s round up of pre-release news from Games Workshop is actually pretty interesting…
spacemarinestrikeforceultimaFirst up we have the Space Marine Strike Force Ultima.  This is excellent value for money if you’re a Space Marine fan like myself.  It saves you a huge £58.50 over buying the pieces independently and is a fully armoured spear head with air support.  Basically the start of a decent force.

genestealerrockgrinderNext is the Goliath Rockgrinder.  Basically a huge armoured industrial vehicle re-fitted for a bit of carnage.  The kit really looks the business and briefly made me regret my Ravenwing bike purchase earlier.  Not for too long though.

Last and least is the Battle Mat and Scenery collection which in my opinion is overpriced and not fit for purpose.  Firstly it appears to be square when 40K is played on a 6’x4′ table.  Next whilst it looks great it’s very expensive for a few boxes and a neoprene mat.  A Deep Cut Studios mat is around £55 (awesome quality stuff btw) and the other scenery could be replaced with as good a stuff from any number of manufacturers.  My advice; shop around on this one.

40kgamingmatThat’s pretty much all from Games Workshop for this weekend!



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