Bushido The Rules

So far I have read through the rules a few times and each time something seems to become a little clearer. On the first read through all I saw was a smattering of cool rules but it all looked cluttered, bearing in mind I have yet to play my first game yet.

background_real_gradient_lightNow while the first statement seems a little bit away from my normal cheery eyed out look, it must be stated that it was only a first look through, things still are a bit cloudy mainly how some of the feats work but the rest is very much crystal clear now and I am looking forward to my first game that I am looking to book very soon, although I might have to get a second faction painted up first if I cant find a likely victim.

If you saw an earlier article I wrote here and you will know that I love the models and think that they are some of the best models I have worked on since my Guild Ball Union models.

Now the rule book wont work by itself you need the cards that come with the models as they have all the stats on them for the models which is becoming very popular at the moment with some games even having large dashboard pieces as well, luckily for Bushido its just a simple card with a lot of information on it.

So in the Rules you have loads of background and ‘fluff’ information on the different factions and even some modelling tips.

One off the oddest things I found is how the dice work say for example you roll three dice you take the number of the highest dice and then add 1 for each roll that isn’t a 1 (+2 if its  a 6). Still trying to get my head around this but it seems to work well.

The rules for making attacks is a little long winded with you and your opponent being able to reroll dice, sound confusing, don’t worry the rule book lays it out in a very simple to follow sequence.

Awesome looking models and a nicely laid out rule book are a really attractive option for new players as they should be able to start playing relatively quickly.




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