Avenger Skimmer

Algoryn Commanders, it’s time for war… attacks flare across the Determinate, and the foes of the Prosperate grow more menacing by the day. Support is needed, and is being hurried to the front lines – now available for deployment is the Avenger Attack Skimmer!


Like the concord C3M4 the Avenger is able to be armed with multiple weapon systems, either the Mag Light Support, Mag Cannon, or Twin Mag Light Support, the Avenger is a key strike weapon in the Algoryn arsenal which benefits from being a MOD2 unit, meaning that it gets two Order Dice rather than one… so you can fire those Twin Mag Light Supports TWICE in a turn if you so desire!

The Avenger type skimmer is a lightly built two man fighting machine designed for raids and support missions. It is modestly armed and armoured compared to larger fighting machines but is ideally designed as a strike weapon relying upon its speed to launch its attack and evade enemy retaliation. It is sometimes used in company with Intruder skimmers as part of a long-range raider force, providing additional firepower where needed.


Like the smaller and lighter Intruder it is buoyed upon suspensors that carry it easily over most ground surfaces and employs pulse thrusters for sustained forward momentum.



Not content with a new unit Warlord have put a few in a box and called it an Avenger Wing, calling-in a pair of Avengers, to give you the ultimate hard-hitting support… (at a basic 236 points the Avenger Wing is a great way to quickly add 4 more order dice to a small army)

The Avenger wing opens up a whole new option with Algoryn as a long range strike force, hard hitting and lightning quick, whilst mechanically drowning out your opponents order dice could be a really nasty play to run.

Further more there are rumours off more upcoming Algoryn releases soon.

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