40K News!

So if you haven’t been under a rock then you’ll have seen the first Plastic Primarch.  Magnus the Red in Daemon Prince form…

So he looks pretty gosh darned snazzy right (the new one-not the old epic one on the left!)?  If I hadn’t just started to play Ravenwing this guy might have had me sold on Tzeentch!

This seems to fit nicely with the 40K timeline to be honest and goes hand in glove with the long whispered 8th edition.  Abaddon might coax some of the Primarchs out of the Eye for the end of all humanity after all!  If such rumours are true they seem to point towards us getting a revamped and slightly simplified version of 40K in the new year.

Plastic Sisters of Battle have been shouted about  too which is great news as they are one of the most characterful forces in 40K and it’ll be nice to get upgraded figures and hopefully see some more people playing them!

I’ll try to keep everyone up to date with more news as I get it! -Mark


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