Healing the Retribution

Next on the release pile for me to talk about is the Lys Healer for the Retribution


This minature was so easy to put together it was unbelivable, and when painted up looks great as well.

Lys healers embrace both spirituality and anatomical knowledge in equal parts. Before the Retribution drew Ios into conflict with the nations of men, Lys healers spent much of their time mending incidental injuries or driving illnesses from the bodies of their fellow elves, but war has forced them to the front lines where their ability as physicians is in high demand.


You are limited to two of these in your force and they are a tad on the squishy side so front line duty is definitely out for these solo characters at three points each they could be a perfect stop gap to get you bang on the points limit of your game.

As you can probably guess her primary function, well in all fairness her only function is to make friendly faction models a bit more survivable, to that effect all her rules are geared up to that, removing D3+1 damage to models in base to base contact, removing effects or stopping charactors being knocked down.

Reasonably quick to move around the table with a respectable defence, Lys can get around, but as I said you are really going to want to keep her back field shielded by something a bit larger. The actual sculpt is fantastic and there is a huge amount of detail on the model so try and get your brush around.



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